Before and After Photos

Cimarron Before Renovations

This is a house we purchased in March 2017. Renovations were completed in October. The long renovation time was due to a two month lease back to the previous owner and Hurricane Harvey.

Cimarron After Renovations

This house leased for Market Value and has a totally different look and feel to it.

Harvest Bend Before Reno

This is perhaps the messiest house I have ever renovated. The Neighbors were happy to see this family go. So was the HOA!

Harvest Bend After Reno

The house leased in just two days on the market! It is at market rent.

Copperfield Before Renovations

The carpeting was remove because of the dogs. We had to shut down the job site twice because of Fleas! The second time an Exterminator came in.

Copperfield After Renovations

This house was on the market for 15 days before it leased. This was back in 2015.